Thursday, June 2, 2011

Oh my god, the microwave

So I've been watching Top Chef Canada and now watching Top Chef Masters. 

First point, Damn it!  Todd was voted out of the kitchen. Bastards!   I was really hoping to see the Newfie make it to the end of the TCCanada first season. 

And one of the things I've noticed on TC in general is the microwave challenge always tosses the chefs over the ring apron.  You know what, it would me too.  Not being able to use anything but a microwave to make a full meal. 
I have to say, we grew up with a mix of proper cooking and microwaved food.  But it was something I got away from when I moved out on my own a billion years ago.  Mother still manages to use the microwave at lest once a day when she cooks. 

I do own a microwave. It's broken and is now the proud mantle for my kitchen alter.   Which I would never have had to begin with if I hadn't been in the car accident.
Little difficult to cook when you've got two broken arms don't you think.  Then one day the damned thing exploded while I was making popcorn.  Never bothered to replace it.