Thursday, June 23, 2011

The End Yes

I've come to a conclusion and made an executive decision all by myself; yes myself.
My novel is indeed finished.  WELL, apart from the grammar and spelling edits. 

I sat here again, last night with the novel open on the computer screen, the little cursor button flashing at me like a wild monkey and asked myself the biggest question I could...  what story am I trying to tell?   And you know, I've told the story I want to tell, that I need to tell.   You know what else, alot  might not like it.  I know that last "editor" I had hated every stitch of it, but it wasn't her story.

Will something new pop up in the polish of it?  Might. But, I think I finally found my peace with the piece.

I think that is what drove me so crazy the last while.  I was looking at it from the point of view that I wanted to sell it.  Yes it would be lovely if when time comes it sells and I can pay off my credit card forever.  But, I've got this really crazy dream that somewhere down the line, hopefully before I'm 103, that I get a spark in someone because of my work.  That someone somewhere is sitting down in their kitchen or basement or on their front steps, saying to the most important of their friends/lovers/co-workers  hey I read this awesome book by some Canadian and you totally need to read it.  Or even better, that someone somewhere lists it as something that got them through a rough issue or that they saw themselves in one of the characters.

Okay, so now on to the next phase of the book.   The edits of grammar and spelling.  And after the last time with that "editor"  I think I'll try to get as much done myself as possible. And no spellcheck is useless as there is alot of Canadian slang and terms in it that I know are spelled right but the instant checker reads as wrong because it's an American. I look something up in the Oxford Canadian Dictionary of Current English  and when I type it, the little read underline pops up or it tries to auto correct getting the word completely wrong and yeah.

To quote the movie Interview with the Vampire - There's life in the old lady yet!