Monday, June 27, 2011

So I saw the A-Team

When I say this film is never available for rent I am not joking.  The rental shelf of this movie, and I do mean shelf (my Blockbuster has 11 copies and they're always out) is empty all the time.  I finally lucked out and snagged one that was being returned.

Now, if you're old and remember 80's tv shows like me, or just a collector of DVDs or anything - again like me-  you would most likely have crept silently towards this viewing wondering just how badly they were going to bastardize one of the best shows from your youth.
I was happily shocked to find out this update was fabulous!

And it had Brian Bloom!  Bonus marks for having one of the best soap opera stars of the 80's-90's {yes I know he's done a million things since but I only watched him on As the World Turns}

When I rented this I had one thing on my mind, who would be playing the character of Murdock?   Always a fabulous character.  The water cooler days of grade school when the show first aired - which would equal recess on the swings- when we would all be like "did you see A-Team last night?"  And we are talking the early days of vhs/beta machines so many times someone would spoil it for you if your parents taped it for you cause it conflicted with something.   We would say "Did you see the A-Team last night? Totally, have to see what Murdock did...."  It might as well have been called The Adventures of Murdock and three other guys. 

So how would they handle the Dwight Schultz character in the remake?  It seemed, seamlessly.  Sharlto Copley played it little less then crazy but the lines they built for him were scene stealers.

And my point on this is, I think a sequel should not be ruled out.