Saturday, June 4, 2011

Close to midnight

And something is creeping towards the door.... oh that would be my brains.  Yeah, they're doing that mushy-fall out the ear onto the floor- thing again. Cause, yeah.

If you've been reading my year project blog then you know that I got my hands on a copy of the "carb lovers diet"  yesterday.  Went through the book with mom.  Oh joy-oh bliss.  And yes that was painful in itself.
This is what I discovered, I might have wasted $30.  Yeah, I think so.  I suppose I shouldn't be that negative right off the bat but you were not the one sitting there with my mom for two hours listening to her say "no I won't eat that we're going to have to use blah blah instead" 
So I was suppose to start the thing today.  Got off to a bad beginning I must say.  You're suppose to keep a food diary of everything you eat.

Well, Spudguns, as you can imagine the first day was a full on day of stuff, mostly coffee.  As I went through my list of what went into my mouth today, I couldn't help but think back to Mr. Shelley's half of the Spike official blog back last fall.  (Taking the Torch Nov 11 2010)

And all I could think was, this is going to drive me over the edge; having to write down every frealing thing that goes into my mouth for the next few weeks.  Insane!  New respect for Mr. Shelley for having done that Spike blog post. Seriously, I literally went around the house today with a pen and paper in one hand and my coffee/spoon/snack in the other.
And let me tell you, I can think of some things that I would much rather have had stuffed into my mouth today then what I did... sorry did I type that out loud... oh well.

The big excitement for the day actually was helping Ninja pick out her scrubs for work.  She had to buy a few new pairs for work and had decided to go with patterned ones instead of solid colours. It was like a mini fashion show. 

Ended the night with the latest episode of Jamie Oliver Food Revolution.  Yes it's finally back on the air.