Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Moon card

The moon in Tarot can cover so many things. 
Once again, this is from the Crow Magic deck.

It means, listening to your dreams, looking under the surface of things, the occult, hidden enemies, intuition, desires, a new approach to things, adjusting your viewpoint, new beginnings (usually at the next moon phase like from Full to New or New to Full or at an Eclipse)

For me, when it appears like it has been, I tend to lean towards listening to my dreams and trying to understand something beyond the appearance of it.   (it seems to be my nature to over analyze stuff to the extreme)
The timing of this card right now is a bit creepy too.  Given the fact tomorrow (June 1st 2011) we have both a New Moon and a Solar Eclipse (one of three eclipses in the month of June this year)
Ripples will be felt for the rest of the month from this.