Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Three days later

I wish I had something of importance to talk about.  But I don't.   Not that that really is any different as of late then my other posts.

I just posted a brief excuse  um... explanation as to why I have not gotten into the cooking challenges that I've been saying I want to do,  over on my year project blog.  If you know, you want to read up on that at all. Might give you a laugh for the day. That's the drama free zone.  Which is holding its own fairly well.  I admit, there are a few items on there that really should have been on the cooking blog but I've been bad with the attending of the cooking blog.   I'll have to spend a week on it soon to make up for it, you know let it know I still love it.  I just realized, the cooking blog is like 2years now.   Damn time flies Eh?

Okay, and I have to admit something else too,  I really did not want to post anything that would push the last post down the blog because I really liked the idea of having the screen captures of Mr. Shelley be the first thing you saw when you hit the blog.  I mean man, you can not tell me you all did not enjoy that? It's like a standard you my lovely Spudguns have come to expect from my blogs; MMG stuff.  And with the fact that we won't have any screen captures of Mr. Sabin for god knows how long, I really did not want to loose that last post in the shuffle.