Thursday, June 9, 2011

Thursday Night 9th June

I had a fabulous idea this morning when I got up.   A post over on the wrestling blog on theme songs.
Right? Yes b'y.  Was fabulous. 
Cousin told me to check out one of the big wrestling online mags little while ago. 
Guess what?  Well Spudguns and Spuddy,  the big online wrestling mag did something similar.  Today.
Damn it!  They couldn't have waited till tomorrow even?  They had to land it on today, and run right over me.  Dude, I know the competition is tough, but I'm not really competition now am I?  No sir, just a girl with a bit of an addiction for X-Division men.

Oh, and I killed my mother's sofa.   I didn't mean to.   I was watching this week's WWE NXT which airs in Canada on Thursday nights on the Score,  and well my right side started to itch (Mr. Scratchy -soulmate strikes again).  I sort of mis-calculated how much coffee was still in my mug, and half of it sloshed over the edge, on me, and my mother's SUEDE sofa. 
Yeah, think I'll be banished to the floor during visits from now on.