Friday, June 24, 2011

Friday night June 24th

Been a long day. Very long day.
Just got back from mom's.  Had watched the season finale of Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution.  {I do not have cable, and mother only has basic - Global, ABC, NBC, CBS, Score and CBCNews-}  Now dealing with a sinus headache. I think there will be more stormy weather.

Okay, so let me take you on part of the weirdness that was today.  I was chatting with one of the chicks who works at the grocery about the movie Ginger Snaps.  One of those random things - hi how's your day? What you up to? I just saw this movie blah blah blah- You know, the usual, when one of the new guys who was waiting for the chick to cash out so he could go on shift, leaned over, said he'd seen that movie  and sort of snickered and made a comment; asking how come we women make such a deal out of it. It's just cramps, they can't be that bad?
Let's just say, if this had been a wrestling match, the guy would have been verbally delivered about three Styles Clashes and two CradleShocks for his comment by the chick working the check out, myself and the lady standing in line behind me.

For the men out there reading this, here's a run down of what it feels like... take the worst headache you've ever had and times it by ten, add to it the worst case of constipation you've ever had and times it by ten, add to it the worst charley-horse you've ever had and times it by ten, add to that the worst case of diarrhea, now imagine Freddy Krueger is clawing his way out of your stomach.  All this is happening at once, in about an inch and a half of space between your hips and shooting up into your back and down into your thighs.

There is a reason in the movie Ginger Snaps, the line "Just and Cramps don't go together"   is a classic line. Cause it's true.