Thursday, June 16, 2011

Canada in the News

So I was at mom's as usual, and wanted to see if there was anything new on CBCNews about the postal strike or the Air Canada strike.   But do you think I learned anything.... no.  And you know why it took over half the day to get any real news on these things, because the top story was the riots in Vancouver last night because the americans won the Stanley Cup.

Let me understand this, we a normally sane peaceful country, had a riot because our hockey team lost?  I wish I could say this was a hoax or gimmick but unfortunately it's true.
A group of something like 1,800 (that was one of the numbers they announced as a rough number) drunk asswipes, decided to injure people, break and enter the stores that lined the main street outside of the hockey arena, and destroy the cars that were parked in the area  just because Canada lost the game.
People around the world are fighting for their lives, for their freedom and this is what a select group of asswipes decide to do?
And with this being the age of the social media, you can find many of these morons having spread their photos all over the net seemingly proud of the fact they were breaking the law.  Yeah, that's smart isn't it?

Somewhere around 2pm there was a small break in the riot act to let the rest of Canada know that the strike at Air Canada is over. 
This is the one time in my life I'm embarrassed to be Canadian.