Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sunday morning June 12th

I think that the electronics of the world have decided to slowly kill me by not working.

If you read my rant that was the last post you know that I'm having troubles with availability of seeing Impact, but the stupid little entertainment issues do not stop there; nope not at all.

I've been a fan of Lipstick Jungle since the book came out few years ago.  Loved the tv show that it was turned into.   Been trying to get my hands on a copy of the second season of the show now for over a year.  
I ordered a copy and had to wait 4 months for it to come in.   It did, last week.  Only, out of 13 episodes only one plays.  The rest had a bunch of digital problems.   So I returned it and ordered a second copy.   Which came in yesterday.
Yes, I know, four months wait for the first copy and only 5 days wait on the second, odd in itself.
So I sat down last night to watch the new copy... and the same thing happened.  In the same spots.  And yes, this is the second copy as I brought the first one in and watched the guy put it into a bin to be sent back to the distributor. 
So, now, just waiting for the mall to open to return this copy.  Damn it. I'm just not meant to have a copy of this all there is to it.

Sidenote... yesterday when I got off the bus, I had to go past the grocery to get home, and some dude was waving madly at me from a BBQ pit in front of the store.  When I got close enough I saw it was Lemon-Zest Stock Boy.   He was outside the building doing hot dogs.  I still can not figure this dude out.  Is he just overly wired?  I keep thinking, no one is this hyper all the time, no one is really this friendly 24/7  at some point he's got to pull a Jekyll and Hyde.