Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Scream and scream again...and again

I'm a bit hyper over the fact there are a few new vampire movies coming out this summer.  Priest comes out this month and one called Stake Land  came out last month (translation we did not get it and I have to wait till middle of the summer for the DVD) {vampires vampires vampires! (just doing the happy dance)}
I really must sit down one day and devote some time to my poor *new* vampire blog that I started last year.  I say *new*  cause some of you might remember my old vampire review blog Alucard's Rose.
Which I ran for almost 3 years.  And you are thinking why did I stop and why did I create a new one?  Well, I stopped because I thought I was moving on from that area of my life.   And I created a new one because I had started to miss it.   Well Spudgun, it made sense to me at the time. 
A few of the books I have on the review pile are vampire books, so I'm hoping to kick start the vampire blog again in a few weeks time when I review those books.   Makes sense.

In the meantime Spudgun (and Spuddy)  I still have not found my Fright-Rags shirt. (for the vampire movie Fright Night) It's still missing somewhere in this apartment.   Damn, that was a cool shirt! (me in 2007)  and Damn, that was a great hair dye.  I just can not seem to get my mop to do that anymore.  I'm still on the red-side no matter what bleaching kit I use it just does not seem to want to work.
I swear, the universe want's me a redhead. Much to my own horror.

Yes I know, when it comes to my hair I have a Billy Idol obsession going.