Friday, May 13, 2011

Friday the 13th 941

We were lost.  Totally! Completely. For the last nearly 30 hours while Blogger was unavailable.
I was going bit insane.   I never realized how much I am attached to my bloggy-blog.  No, seriously, I had to go to Twitter for a half hour and was very afraid I might have to resort to using Myspace or Facebook . 
It did not come to that point, thank god.  But my junkie was starting to think it might have to stoop that low. 
So critical damages. We (I mean myself mostly and a few fellow bloggers)  did loose a few of the latest posts.  Most were restored BUT my tags for those posts are gibberish. Totally completely utterly.  Gibberish. At lest on my viewfinder they are. 
I do not know if I can spend another day having meals with my mother.  To jump topics on you.  Trust me when I say it's better you are reading and not having a voice chat with me because I'm unable to keep up with my rapid fire self.  Meaning, I'm reading out what I am typing and yeah.   Anyways,  answer me this Spudgun and Spuddy,  who the hell slurps potatoes?  Seems my mother has this hideous ability.  I had forgotten over the years the really bad habits my family has. The last few days hanging around my mom's, has reminded me why I love living alone.