Thursday, May 19, 2011


I was walking home from mom's, and I noticed two doors away, all the lights on.  The lady who lives in the house, who's 97 years old by the by, in her front chair sleeping.  Or I hope she's just sleeping as she was not moving, and her mouth was wide her neck at a strange angle.
I started to get little worried.  Normally I bump into her every day when I go to mom's, as she's on her way back from McDonalds where she has breakfast.  I've gotten to know the lady well enough over the last few years.
I haven't seen her around in days. 
Few minutes ago, I got the trash together, and decided to take my cell phone with me just in case.  Went back around to her place just to check.  Cause she is 97.   All the lights were still on but all was fine.  I panicked for nothing. This time.

There have been a lot of emergency vehicles around today and yesterday in the area because of the heat. So many of the seniors in the neighbourhood suffering from strokes and such because of the heat. It's really scary when you think about it.