Sunday, May 22, 2011

Fright Night Revamp

I'm not sure how I feel.
One of the coolest vampire films from the mid-80's has been remade.  Just saw the trailer
Okay let's talk about this shall we


  1. It's Fright Night
  2. Toni Collette is in it (if the movie of my life were ever made I'd want her to play my character)
  3. One of the writers/producers of the Buffy tv series is attached


  1. Colin Farrell plays Dandrige
  2. They turned Peter Vincent into a Vegas act 
  3. They've combine characters/omitted characters
This is just what I've gathered from the trailer.  Don't get me wrong, any vampire movie that actually has a blood sucking fiend from beyond the grave is a good vampire film, even when it's really terrible.