Monday, May 9, 2011

A letter

Why are you doing this?  You're wasting your life. Stop it!
Stop chasing your tail around like a dog.  You've got more brains then this.  Stop, stop, stop! 
You need to give up the past. It's over. Live!   You are an artist so paint!!!!!!!!!!! 

Okay so it did not come in the form of a letter, it came in the form of a rant from a very highstrung gay man who I used to be close friends with that I bumped into when I went to Tim Horton's for coffee this afternoon. 
He never saw me as a writer.  Never saw me as a poet.  And the kicker here is, he and I were in a band together very briefly back in 2003 (like a month briefly)  and I wrote all our lyrics.
But he always liked the paintings/drawings I had around the apartment.  Or as he called it "my cavedrawings in the gallery" 
I've posted a few of my paintings online over the years, and honestly, I'm not overly comfortable with showing my art.  It unnerves me.  I do not have a proper style or any training beyond Grade 10 art class and the Photography class we had to take in college for Television.
But it's always interesting to see how other people view my talents/gifts/hobbies.
I've only had two people in my whole life who have actually liked my stuff. As in all my creative attempts/outlets.  One aunt and this gay friend.

All the astrology newsletters I follow, have this point in time (May-June 2011) as a time to be reevaluating your passions.  With certain planets making shifts in the zodiac right now, a ton of people will have a new path open up before them.  The path your true self is needing to go on.  For some this might be a hobby, or a job, or a relationship. 
I'm not too sure what lays on the road of my path, but I sure as hell hope it appears quickly.