Monday, May 16, 2011

TNA fans... Um?

I used screen capture for this post
Question?   Is this logo still relevant?

I'm seeing the new colours on the official Spike site.   Blue and white.  (gagging muchly)  And have heard that as of the latest episode, it's suppose to now be called Impact Wrestling (where wrestling matters)  

The fans have been talking for a few weeks about this big change, and it's pretty much a split decision that the re-branding is good/bad.  Many agree that after a decade suddenly doing this isn't really the hottest idea.   But then again this is wrestling we're talking about.  Wrestlers have a tendency to change their identity more often then they do their socks.  So, not a total shocker that they would do this. 

Personally, I'm on the side that it's not going to matter.  All puns intended.  Seriously, dude, until you fix the line up and stories you've got on tap, nothing you serve us is really going to fill the gap on the plate.  You're trying to serve us sauce and garnish on an otherwise empty dish.