Saturday, March 3, 2012

March already

It's the 3rd of March it would seem.

All the days are blending together this week more then usual.  Mostly to do with the pain and the meds.
If you've ever broken a body part before you know that you start having spasms after the second day.  Those are pretty damn bad to begin with.  Then on top of that, the getting up and down with the crutches every time you need to pee.  Not fun.  My bruises have pulled muscles and bruises.

Getting on the internet has been difficult in itself.
But, I am still working on the movie challenge.  Today was day 88

So I'm a few episodes behind on my TNA Impact.  Hope to get around to seeing the last two episodes today.

Speaking of painful stuff,  I was sort of trapped watching the TBAY news the other night and I just remember I was getting pissed off by some of what some council member was talking about.  Only that was like two days ago and now I can't remember what I was wanting to rant about.  Had something to do with the city and some drenny looking dude with some frealing law that I thought was worse for the city not better.
And can we get rid of Barry Third.  Like seriously the dude is as old as Ric Flair. Have you Thunder Bay noticed that he never goes away but the side reporter gets younger every second year? 
What's up with that?  Bring back Nikki Burns!

Okay that's the view from my mother's sofa through a haze of perks today.