Saturday, March 17, 2012

Night before a match

Today is St. Patrick's Day.    Tomorrow is the monthly ppv for TNA.

Just caught this week's episode of Impact (March 15th 2012 episode)  and saw the comments by Austin Aries, as well as the open challenge for the TV Title.

My money is on Aries keeping the belt for another month.  As far as the open challenge... logic tells me to think something like Shanon Moore or Doug Williams taking the challenge; but I hate logic.  I go with intuition and blind faith.  So going on intuition and blind faith, I say Alex Shelley will go for the challenge or... could it possibly be the return of Chris Sabin??? 
Don't tell me that it doesn't feel like it might be the set up for the big return... that's my bet.  I'm betting the open challenge will be taken by a MMG.

And, I know I say this every single month before a ppv, but I always feel the need to; specially after the ppv that happened last month.
For all the wrestlers who are going to be part of the pay-per-view tomorrow night, stay safe.

-Ardeth Blood