Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Right knee exit stage

No I did not abandon you all.
Friday the 24th started out as a good day, had gotten up, gone to the mall, then to the cinema.  Saw the movie the Goon,  which I still have to write up.  So why have I gone almost a full week without blogging anywhere about anything.

I didn't want to let wrestler Chris Sabin have all the rocking tortuous fun that knee surgery brings.   I should not be joking because it's really really not funny at all.
I was coming home from the cinema Friday night, and the second I put my foot down in the parking lot, I slipped and went down hard on my right knee with this crunching echo.
My entire right kneecap was shattered into a billion pieces.  Half it went upward into my thigh, the other half went downward into my calf.  I no longer have a knee cap.  I have mush. 

I can not begin to describe the hell of pain I have been in for the last 6 days.  They did the surgery right away on Saturday, and I've been in hospital since.
Will now be planted on mother's sofa yet again for another 6 weeks unable to bend the leg and unable to put any weight on it.

My life blows right now. 

So, for those of you my lovely Spudguns that have been wondering if I was dead the last few days,  no but close enough. 
And yes this does put me a full week behind on the movie a day challenge but I will get it back on track. This also cancels book club for the next three months which also blows dog backwards.

Here is a very off kilter webcamed photo of my knee in the large brace.  I am embracing my whole Frankenstein thing cause wait till you see the scars.  I literally have one now that runs from the middle of my thigh to the middle of my calf.  And it looks like an easter egg all multi-coloured with the stitches and bruising.

Okay my Spudguns, I'll be getting back to a routine for the blogs again now over the next day or so.  In between the crying and the pain meds.