Thursday, March 15, 2012

I've run out of titles

You know you've been blogging for years when you go to post and realized you've used all your good lines for blog headings.
Damn it Janet!  A decade of blogging and now I've run out of original blog headings.  I actually have reused a few more then I want to even try counting between my too many to count blogs.

Today is day 100 in my movie challenge.  Did the movie and a top 5 list.  Nothing too special. Had originally hoped that when I made it to this point I would have a fabulous project to post on there, but my broken leg sort of took the chance of that from me.

I'm now currently hunting online for bumper stickers. Preferably ones that do not claim to drive like a Cullen or wonder if vampires are playing baseball when there is a thunderstorm. I punch in vampire in searches and all I get are Twilight stuff. Whatever happened to Dracula and Buffy and Lestat?  Even when I punch in Dracula or Buffy or Lestat, I still get all this stuff for Twilight.  GGGRRRR ARRGGGHH!

We've got a beautiful robin's egg blue sky over the city right now. Gorgeous! Currently sitting at -2c here, which for this time of year is above average.

I hate the local news. Just can't stand watching the local news teams, but mother loves our local crap. So given I'm stuck on her sofa with my busted up leg, I've been seeing alot of it.  We've got a major issue with the whole Oxycontin being taken off the market. More then a few deaths have been reported and a major issue with how to handle the addicts as they switch over to replacements.
What else I saw on the local eewws.... um I mean news last night was the need to clean up the needles in our city.  Yeah, we've got a bad city for needle users and the streets have been littered with them literally.  My mother was sitting here last night just in shock with what the local news was showing.  I was not shocked. Way too often I've been out to get a bus and in the corner of the bus stop there are numerous needles and used condoms. It's really sad that this city is so bad for that.

Okay, so that's the view from the sofa this morning.