Sunday, March 4, 2012

My Thoughts on TNA Impact for Feb 2012

I haven't done one of these in over a year, but I thought what the freal... I just caught up with the last two weeks episodes of TNA Impact.

What I have to say mostly has to do with the X-Division.  There's a shocker for ya eh?
And it's fabulous to see that it's getting the push it deserves.  Finally, some status is being placed back on the X-Division, the whole reason TNA is TNA.

Austin Aries as champ is a good touch.  He's a strong leader as far as holding that belt goes and he works extremely well as a top Heel champ.
Still feeling a burn about Alex Shelley not having gotten that belt last month on the Feb 12th ppv but I'm bias.   If he had to loose, Aries is the one man who can hold up the whole division with style and importance.

Zima Ion on the other hand... this kid just does not sit well with me.  Never has.  I don't give a dren how god damned talented he is, or how much of a push the company is giving him right now, he just makes me want to turn the show off.  And no it has nothing to do with the ppv last month either.  I just find this kid cringe worthy. Maybe it's his gimmick in general, the one legged pants with the fringes or the hair thing or I just can't put my finger on it, he makes me want to fast forward when I watch the show.

Still waiting for Eric Young to get rid of that beard.  I've complained about the scruff before and will continue to cause it's just bad. 

This new twist in the A.J. Styles/Kaz/Daniels feud is interesting but its time to drop some hints as to what the plot line is on this one. Its been like two months already.

The tag belts being on Samoa Joe and Magnus... I will slate it on record that we are waiting for the MotorCityMachine Guns! {damn I miss writing that} to come back for some real story in the tag division? 

Cowboy James Storm vs Robbert Roode... I want to see this come down to a best of five.  All I'm saying on it.