Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Morning of the 6th

Morning my Spudguns!

It's been a hard week for me, which I'm sure will only get harder as I have a doctor's appointment on Thursday morning for x-rays. 

The movie challenge is back on track after me having been in the hospital for a week. It's day 91 today, plus this is the 6th of the month.  I've been trying to keep up with the coming attractions for the forward month, on the 6th... so this being March I just posted the April coming attractions on the movie challenge blog

As I mentioned the other day elsewhere on the internet,  I saw that new show GCB  the other night, and it was funny in a stupid way, don't think it will make it past a few episodes.

Did everyone catch my last post? Not to the quality I used to do the wrestling reviews, but I sort of really really missed it and thought what the freal.

Food... we finally got those Philly cooking creams here.  After a year of bugging the grocery store we finally got them here and they really are a let down.  Just too much.  The flavours are too over powering, you can't use more then a half spoonful in anything and then you have this open container for weeks.

Back to movies for a moment... I've been waiting and waiting for years for a sequel to Hard Core Logo, and we finally will be getting it in April at the cinema.    Dude!  I swear the universe likes to kick my arse when I want to see something.  I've actually sat down and figured out that over the last 15 years, whenever I am waiting for a movie to come out, I've ended up with a broken leg.  Every single time.  Talk about just drenny luck eh?

come to think of it, every time I get involved with a guy I really shouldn't get involved with same thing happens. 

The sun is starting to rise over the city here, and I'm babbling because I can.  And I'm really really bored. I've still got another 5 weeks before I can even start to bend my knee or put any weight through it.  Believe me when I say not being mobile is not fun.  Very difficult to even get to the bathroom.