Thursday, March 8, 2012

Back from the doc's

Had to go into the Fracture Clinic this morning for x-rays.  
My stitches were removed. Which is a good sign that things are coming along fine.

Bad points, besides the fact that I had to wear my pajama bottoms in public because none of my other pants fit over the leg brace, I nearly got dumped out of the wheelchair when we entered the building.  Ended up having to hobble the endless hallway which of course took an extra ten minutes because I have no muscles at all.  Total wimp.  Then of all the people in the planet to bump into, my dad. Waiting around for over an hour and a half with my leg down swelling like a ham, people climbing over me. Finally, see the doctor and was told to come back in two weeks.  Then, I got stuck in a toilet.  I wish I were making this up honest but it's just too rich not to tell.  It's my right knee that got smashed up, and the toilet was all designed so that it was in the far right corner and everything else on the left, I got in, and when I went to get back up I realized I had nothing to grab onto to pull myself up. That's a kicker isn't it.

Have to go back in on my birthday for the next round.  My life gets more tragic all the time. 

Stuck in a toilet. yeah it's been one of those days.