Sunday, April 1, 2012

Shall we do a happy dance?

Or you know in my case clap and giggle in a mad hatter sort of way.  

PPPSSSTTTT  just between you and me, why are we happy?

Well Spudgun, I just managed to catch up with the last two weeks of TNA Impact episodes {March 22nd and March 29th 2012} and first of all, on the March 22nd episode, there was a b/w promo for the MMG, which oddly only seemed to have Alex Shelley in it.
And secondly, the March 29th episode had a message crawl for the return of the MotorCityMachine Guns!  Damn, I really miss typing that.   After what seems like forever Chris Sabin is scheduled to return to the show.

Yeah, okay so I'm beyond geeking out. It's okay, it's expected of me. No, I don't want to get a new gimmick; sort of been too long to recreate my fandom now...

But anyways, I almost missed the news on this.  If it hadn't of run during the Austin Aries match I would have, cause you know I fast forward through anything that's not of interest to me.  Austin Aries is of interest to me.

So of course my Spudguns!, this brings up a ton of questions.  Does this mean they will be the number one contenders for the tag team titles against Samoa Joe and Magnus?  Will they take any kind of revenge on Mexican-America? Will they have the same theme music? What will their tees look like, will they be grey? Will Chris Sabin have his trademark long sideburns?  
Yes, these are the questions that we're all thinking about but only I, Ardeth Blood, have the stupidity to ask.

I can not wait for the return.  This might be a reason to dust off my reviewing skills... stay tuned

Now back to the sofa for coffee.