Saturday, April 21, 2012

April 21

Anyone else hating the new Google email?
Hate it.  I've turned if off more then once, gone back to the old email layout more then once.  Now, stuck with the new one. Hate it.

Farscape.  Watching season one. Forgotten how much I loved this show, why it was so fabulous. 
You know how you have movies, shows, music that reminds you of people.  Farscape is a major element for me on that regard.  You've got to love Scorpius.

Was going to do the wrestling review but as of this point, Spike has not posted this week's Impact.

My doctor's appointment this week went okay. Bones are healed, scar is healed for now, but I still need lots of therapy for movement.  Which I'll end up needing again down the line after the second surgery when they remove the wires.

New moon this weekend. Today I think.

Well, that's the view from the sofa right now.