Monday, April 30, 2012

Andrew, Raw and Tea

I've dealt with the biggest complaint I've gotten from the few Spudguns who still read Andrew and the Aluminumsidings.   The webring that was redirecting the blog is now gone. 
I sort of got pissed off when I went to the blog myself and had this tab thingie across the bottom.  I fealing hate those, I always turn them off when I go to other people's sites and see those. 
I have to say, I miss working on Andrew, but I really do not miss having to type out the url for it.  Damn, I have a tendency to pick really long long long titles for things.  Have to remember next time to pick something with less then ten letters.

Watching Raw, and writing up the review for that.  Which is posted on my wrestling blog like all the WWE stuff.
But, damn, I need to comment on the Triple H arm issue.   That was difficult to sit through and I know how horrible broken bones are.  I really hope that the WWE does not replay that footage too often.
What the hell is going on in the wrestling world right now in that regard?  Why are some of the guys feeling the need to injure each other on purpose? 
Speaking as a fan...This has got to be the most disrespectful time in the business.  

It's been 9 weeks since I broke my leg.  Things are coming along nice but slow.

Crafting.   Been playing around with envelopes and tea in the lack of having any dyes or paints.  Trying to get the right colour from these strawberry and peach tea bags, distressing pages for a scrapbooking project. 
It's not going as well as I hoped.  I need to find a way to get some of my art supplies from my apartment. 
Which answers anyone's question about if I'm home yet.   I am not.  I am still stuck on my mother's sofa, still unable to do stairs; still unable to carry anything because I have to use both crutches... still.

I need a new word other then "still". 

I have a very early physio therapy appointment tomorrow morning. Right when the place opens. Which means, the second the wrestling is over tonight, I'm off to bed.

That's me, babbling and this is the view from the sofa tonight.