Saturday, April 28, 2012

My Thoughts on TNA Impact for the week of April 26th 2012

I used screen capture for this post

This is the beginning of what could be the end of TNA.   And you know, I've said this before about 3 years ago the last time Hogan was in charge. 
Open Fight Night-where anyone can challenge anyone else and they must wrestle, no excuses.   A new idea that was introduced last week as were a few other not so brilliant things... Gut Check- where a unsigned wrestler from almost any other company can have a on air try out for a contract and where all the champions putting up their titles whenever someone calls them out.
In other words, all hell is about to spill out on the floor.

Cut to- Hogan pacing around in front of all the current champs about to drop the bomb on who it is that will be putting their belt up tonight. So this means that... Samoa Joe and Magnus have to defend their tag team belts against... damn that old goat is long winded.

Cut to- Devon vs Bully Ray  for the TV Title. This is the first week that Devon will be defending the title, as this belt will now be defended every week on Impact.  Devon took it to Bully Ray on the ramp after Bully Ray mouthed off for a few minutes. Bully Ray did turn it around early in the match, and managed to get a few near falls early.  But that really didn't last long, nor did the match actually, as Devon used a really hard power bomb to get the win and keep his title.

Cut to- Austin Aries back stage making what sounds like a promise to call out Bully Ray. He mentioned the fact that last week's episode Bully Ray had to cheat by grabbing Aries by the tights... fans were not complaining about the nakedness...

Cut to- Ric Flair backstage yammering about Eric Bishoff being cast out into the nothingness.

Cut to- Kaz and Daniels talking to Kurt Angle in the locker room.

Cut to - JB coming to the ring to announce that ... then cut back and forth with a shot of everyone in the locker room watching... he was calling out Eric Bishoff... hang on, I thought he was fired... the crowd loved it, seems like the wrestlers watching in the locker room loved it too and if that wasn't a honest reaction from the wrestlers then dude I have no idea...
Then Bully Ray came down and ruined the fun by delivering a low blow on JB.  That's not cool
Then Bishoff pinned JB, which will be the official last match I suppose for Bishoff's career...

Cut to- Mr Anderson backstage talking about his thoughts on Bishoff.

Cut to- Mexican America in the ring calling out who the crowd thought was going to be the MotorCityMachine Guns!, but Kurt Angle took their open challenge instead. Nice! And this was over before you could even finish thinking about it, Angle wrapped it up with an Angle slam and the Ankle lock forcing Anarchia to tap out... Anarquia... I still can't remember how to spell his name...

Cut to- a promo for the Gut Check match.  The guy's name is... Alex Silva ... so if I understand this right, the wrestler gets a chance to have an on air try out in front of a live audience and a table of judges.  Damn it Janet! no pressure or anything Eh? So this first Gut Check was Alex Silva vs Robbie E.   Now, I'm not a fan of Robbie E 's gimmick - to be clear I think he's a fabulous wrestler but I really wish he'd loose the gimmick- but Robbie E's got some title wins to back it all up.  In other words, the dude's not a push over.  Al Snow took the mic with Taz for this match as he's one of the lead judges.  This was almost all Robbie E. He got the win in about 5 minutes and to be honest, it's what I expected.

Cut to - Hogan backstage on his twitter or checking emails or some boring nonsense.

Cut to- Dixie talking about what she thinks of Bishoff...

Cut to- Hogan telling about 4 tag teams who will be on the match tonight... but because of Chris Sabin's knee the MMG will not be in the match... damn it Janet! that blows goat

Cut to - KnockOuts...Tessmocker called out Gail Kim.  Tessmocker got the win

Cut to- Kaz and Daniels back stage declaring that they must be the tag team de jour...

Cut to- a promo by RVD, then Roode making his comments about the match with RVD at the ppv in a month.   I hope Robert Roode kicks his ass.

Cut to- the locker room with Al Snow and Alex Silva... and it's still open... Roode came in for a moment and insulted him.

Cut to- the other 3 tag teams... and EY/ODB are out.

Cut to- Garett Bishoff talking about his dad.

Cut to- Bully Ray and Abyss's brother chatting about Abyss... okay really? get over it, we know it's Abyss so move the storyline along already...

Cut to - Tag match this is for the belts.  Samoa Joe/Magnus vs Anderson/Hardy.  crap!  It should have been Kaz and Daniels.   But thank god for Samoa Joe, as he got his rear naked choke on Anderson and made him tap.   Joe and Magnus kept the belts for now.  But as they were leaving the ImpactZone, Daniels and Kaz blindsided Joe and Magnus on the ramp. 

Cut to- Main event, Flair's party for Eric Bishoff... dude a main event should be something other then that.   Then JB, Garett, Aries, and the MMG came to the ring and hand delivered a porta-potty to Eric Bishoff.   Scorch!

Match of the Night
There wasn't one this week.

So it would seem that the MotorCityMachine Guns! are bumped down the list for the tag team belts.   It also seems, by the last few minutes of the show, that there might be a feud about to start with the MMG and Daniels/Kaz... that would play out nicely for a few months.