Sunday, April 15, 2012

TNA PPV highlights

 I used screen capture for this post

This would be the Lethal Lockdown pay-per-view. April 15th 2012 All matches were done in a steel cage.

The opening match was the ten man tag team match between Team Eric Bishoff and Team Garett Bishoff.
Eric's team = Eric Bishoff, Kaz, Daniels, Gunner, Bully Ray,
Garett's team= Austin Aries, A.J. Styles, RVD, Garrett,  Mr. Anderson.
This started off with Garett vs Gunner in the cage first.  They had the first three minutes as a one on one before the rest entered at time points.  There were weapons hanging from the top of the cage as well. 
Bully Ray was the next man to come to the ring. This ended up being a two on one double team for the next few minutes.
Austin Aries was the next man out to the ring. He went wild on Bully Ray before turning his attention to Gunner.
Kaz was the next man out for the Eric team.... with a shaved skull. Dude nice!
A.J. Styles was the next for team Garett. 
Daniels was the next man out.
Mr. Anderson was next for Garett's team. 
Eric was last for his own team
RVD was the last man in the match
Eric Bishoff ended up hiding in the corner behind one of the turnbuckles for a few minutes while RVD cleaned house.  Then the weapons dropped.  This was a first pin or submission match.  Styles got a hockey stick, while Aries got a cookie sheet then the silver guitar.  Aries walked around the ring on the top ropes grabbing everything and tossing to his team mates.
Aries got thrown face first into the cage wall.  Kaz went after Styles in the corner, and the two battled across the top ropes then went across the top of the cage as if it was an Ultimate X match. Styles then landed on Kaz with a hard elbow from the top of the cage.
Garett got the win with a guitar to the back of the head and got the pin.  This means that Eric Bishoff must leave TNA and not use his last name in the wrestling business anymore. 

Second match was Tag Team MotorCityMachine Guns! vs Samoa Joe and Magnus.   Alex Shelley jumped up on the top rope and started to play with the cage then walked across the top rope like it was nothing. He then started the match with Magnus with a collar tie up before being sent flying backwards into the corner. Shelley then tried to take out the legs of Magnus but just couldn't. Magnus missed with a kick and took two elbows from Shelley before going for a cover. He only got a one count. Chris Sabin tagged himself in, and they used a double team on Magnus. Joe tagged in, and went right for the knee of Sabin but Sabin was quicker. Sabin got a side head lock on Joe for a second but ended up just getting slapped by Joe. Sabin delivered a drop kick then tagged in Shelley. Double axehandle from Shelley from the corner.  Magnus tagged in, and ended up getting a series of punches from both men. Sabin back in. They went for their running stepladder move but Shelley ended up with a mouthful of turnbuckle. Magnus tossed Shelley into Sabin then dragged Sabin to his corner. Joe tagged in and stomped on Sabin. Joe went for a cover but Shelley broke it.
Magnus tagged back in, stomping on Sabin in the corner before giving him a slam in the middle of the ring. Joe back in the ring, using Sabin as a punching bag.  Joe delivered a backsplash on Sabin. Magnus back in the ring, went for a cover but Sabin kicked out. Sabin with a jawbreaker but Magnus slammed him down hard into the mat. Joe back in going for another cover but only got a near fall.
Sabin managed to get a few elbows in then DDTed Joe in the corner. Shelley tagged in, Magnus back in, Shelley gave him a sudden stop on the second turnbuckle then kicked Joe in the face, before failing at his Sliced Bread. Everyone in the corner, Sabin powerbombed Joe from the corner. Shelley slammed Magnus skull first into the cage. He went for a cover but Joe broke it up. Double team on Joe sending him into the cage. Double team on Magnus with Shelley going for a cover but only a near fall. Sabin was caught in the rear naked choke. Shelley with a mule kick on Magnus and the Sliced Bread but it was broken by Joe. Magnus slammed Shelley, Joe slammed Sabin, and then Magnus off the top rope with a hard elbow to get the win.
Joe and Magnus managed to keep the belts. Damn it!

Third match was the Television title, Robbie E vs Devon.   Devon slammed Big Rob and got him off the apron before getting kicked by Robbie E.  Robbie E was stomping on Devon, then slammed him into the ropes. Robbie E went for the cover but only got the two count. Devon with a few punches before whipping him into the corner. Robbie E with a clothesline then and elbow off the top rope. He had Devon in the middle of the ring but he fought out. Another cover by Robbie E but only a near fall. Robbie E went for a top rope move but Devon shook the ropes getting the advantage.  Devon then with a hard flying shoulder and neckbreaker. Devon with a spine buster for the win keeping the title.

Fourth match was the KnockOuts title match. Velvet Sky vs Gail Kim.   Sky went for a few quick covers, but each time got only near falls, before getting a kick to the jaw. Gail Kim delivered a hard knee to the spine of Sky. Gail Kim came off the top rope with a drop kick before following up by working on the knee. Sky did manage to deliver a jawbreaker before getting shoved into the corner. She then delivered a powerbomb from the top turnbuckle on Gail Kim but Gail Kim used a roll up to keep the title.

Cut to - Ric Flair coming out for a few moments to talk to the crowd. Then Hogan came out to reply to whatever the rant was that Flair was going on about.

Fifth match was Crimson vs Matt Morgan.  Crimson tried to run out of the cage but Morgan pulled him back in.  Morgan then made a move as if he was going to run but came back in to work on Crimson.  This was answered by a chop to the knee of Morgan. Crimson then tossed Morgan face first into the cage. He then had him down on the mat in a choke. Morgan looked a bit dazed. But he did manage to turn things around, and sandwiched Crimson on the cage wall.  Crimson then tried to climb over the top, and Morgan started to follow him but fell onto the ropes getting caught up. Crimson then dropped down to the floor and continues to be undefeated.

Sixth match was Hardy vs Angle  it seemed like Angle was in control of the match early on. But Hardy used an elbow then a dropkick on the mat before Angle popped him in the eyes. Angle then was stomping on him in the corner. Hardy then with a running clothesline in the far corner. Angle turned it around slamming Hardy into the wall of the cage before choking him. Angle then raked his face across the wall of the cage and we have blood... no pun intended... then tossed him once again across the ring into the cage again. Hardy some how turned things around sending Angle into the cage. It looked like Hardy had the cover but Angle kicked out.  Angle caught Hardy trying to run out of the cage and delivered a hard slam from the top rope.  Then both men took turns trying to climb out of the cage, neither getting too far before Hardy kicked off Angle and splashed him in the middle of the ring. Hardy then put Angle in his own ankle lock and a twist of fate before using his trademark swan-tawn before trying for another cover.  Still only a near fall. Angle then grabbed Hardy by the belt and tossed him into the cage again, before using another Angle Slam but still only got a two count. Hardy then countered with his version of the Angle Slam and went to the top of the cage for a swan tawn for the win.    Dude was trying to prove something or kill himself not sure which. Both maybe.

Seventh match was KnockOut tag team titles.  Rosita and Sarita  vs Eric Young and ODBOkay I find this just strange having a man as part of the KnockOut division.  
ODB kept Eric out of the ring and went straight after both women. Eric Young was climbing around like a kid in a playground while ODB press-slammed Rosita.  EY then tried to count as if he was a ref. Rosita then started to stomp on ODB in the corner. Alot of double teaming on ODB while EY hide in the corner. Then ODB delivered a few forearms and body slams before going for the pin.   EY didn't even get into the match this was a straight up handicap match.

Main Event was James Storm vs Robert Roode 

Storm started it outside of the cage, but Roode turned it around for a second.  But Storm then sent him into the door of the cage before slamming Roode face into the steel stairs.  The beer came into play by Storm.  They still had not at this point gotten into the cage or had the bell.  Storm started to dance on the table then delivered an elbow to Roode's skull before joining the crowd for a second.  Roode then was thrown into the railing.  Both men tried to send the other into the cage wall. Roode was whipped into the rails hitting it hard on his back before getting a few hard rights by Storm.  Storm grabbed a chair but missed then got hit in the back of the skull by Roode.  Roode grabbed the case of beer opening one while Storm bleed on the floor.  They finally got into the ring and rang the bell, but Storm was already a mess as Roode continued to toss him repeatedly into the cage. Storm came back with a series of punches before being taken down by a running elbow.  Roode went for a cover but only got a two count.  Roode then had him in the corner with another series of punches.  Another cover from Roode but still nothing. Roode then raked Storm across the cage again keeping the already cut Storm bleeding.
Roode had Storm in the middle of the ring at one point, in an arm-bar going for a submission, but then both rolled and they ended up in the corner. Both men were bleeding hotly from having been sliced by the cage. Both were standing on the top rope just exchanging punches for a few minutes then Roode started to climb over Storm and made it to the top of the cage but Storm caught him by the hair pulling him back in. Both men then kept driving the other's face into the cage wall repeatedly before Roode fell backwards onto the middle of the ring.  Storm started to climb out but stopped and changed his mind.  Storm then delivered a jawbreaker from the top rope and the ref got knocked out.  A new ref came down and opened the door for Roode, but Roode grabbed a beer and crashed it over the skull of Storm. He then demanded the ref to get into the ring and count. But Storm kicked out. Storm somehow gave a superkick from his knees sending Roode across the ring. One more superkick from Storm accidentally sent Roode out of the door and therefore Roode won keeping the title.

I have to admit, live shows are harder to keep up with, hence it's highlights, not every move like I would normally do when I have something pre-recorded and can rewind.