Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Dear TNA...July 2012

I'm trying to watch the latest episode of TNA Impact, the episode from last week of June 28th 2012; and in the middle of the Bully Ray vs Samoa Joe match,  the episode just went black.  Up pops this line about "sorry this is not available in your region"

What the freal?

I've complained before in the past about the editing crew who post the show on the Spike site, having issues with cutting segments wrong (pieces from the week before)  but this is the first time this message has appeared in all this time. And we're talking the last two and a half years of watching Impact online on the Spike site (since not having cable.)

Seems, I'm not the only one having issues watching it online, as there were at the time of this posting, two comments made saying only half the show was able to be seen. 

Dude, for those of us who rely completely on the internet for tv shows, that's just not a good thing to be half way through something and it crap out.
And given the fact 87%  of people watch stuff online now... I have seen many comments on the spike site for the TNA Impact over the last two years when there have been issues, but I've never seen anyone from Spike or TNA comment on fixing the editing issues. 
It would be nice to know that someone is paying attention to the comments fans are leaving.

-love Ardeth Blood