Monday, January 1, 2018


Spudguns! It's a new year, and even though I managed to miss last week's segment, I'm back with another round of What Would The Ghouls Do?

Situation: There's this guy I've got a crush on but I'm shy. What do I do to let him know I like him?

Ghouls Asked for Advice: Paige, Piper and Phoebe Halliwell

Movie Used: Charmed season 5 ("Sense and Sense-ability" episode 20 of season, ep 108 of series)

plot: When the Crone decides she needs to get closer to Wyatt in order to gain information, she curses the sisters causing them to lose their senses. Paige can not speak, Piper can not see and Phoebe can not hear. They end up having to work together as one, and face their personal insecurities in order to get overcome it.

Quotes: "How do you like that, kinda like magick"  -Piper to Paige's boyfriend.

"Yeah, now he smiles."- Piper

"Better than okay, I'm going to have a love life." -Paige

"So that lovers will be stunned by you?" -Piper

"You're in love with a Kazi demon?" -Phoebe

"I'm making a stun potion so that I can maybe have a date that doesn't end in Nate you've got to leave I have to clean some demon guts off the ceiling." -Paige

"Nate, much cuter than a Kazi demon." -Phoebe

"Kinda sad when a mime is making fun of your phone usage." -Paige to Phoebe

"I blame your very handsome but very pushy boyfriend." -Piper to Phoebe

"I look forward to hearing your thoughts"- Phoebe

"Now I'm blushing and my lipstick won't match my cheeks." -Paige

"Excuse me, this is either someone's sick sick joke, or someone's working on a massive evil plan." -Phoebe

"It's strange, when it mattered most we could almost read each other's minds." -Piper to Leo

Favourite Scene: When Paige is creating the potion and the others are trying to figure out what it's got to do with her dating.

Using the Quotes: "Now I'm blushing and my lipstick won't match my cheeks."  and  "I look forward to hearing your thoughts."

My Interpretation: When in doubt, body language. Granted some people are way better at it than others, but it's true that 90% of communication is done by how we act or don't act as the case maybe. Your gut reaction to the way someone looks at you, or looks away from you, or even shuffles in their steps is always your best indication of how they feel about you.

This episode is all about communication. The beginning of the episode we see Phoebe constantly on the telephone, ignoring those around her, while Paige is trying to connect to her new boyfriend by letting him in on a big fear she has. Meanwhile, Piper is feeling insecure because everyone  else in the family has managed to decode Wyatt's cries when she herself can't. Plus, the whole reason the Crone puts her curse into motion is because she's had a vision about Wyatt's future. Instead of just reaching out to Piper and telling her what she needs, she sneaks around behind Piper's back. This episode takes a comical approach to the fact so many of us only deal with the surface of the issue because we are afraid to trust our own instincts.
There is actually a scene where Phoebe and Paige are trying to get information out of the Kazi demon, and Paige keeps pointing to a note. It's only after a few painful attacks on the demon that Phoebe realizes the demon can not read. They then change their communication style, getting the information they need.
While Phoebe's and Paige's situation centers around listening, Piper's and the Crone's centers around seeing.
There's also a little nod in this episode towards Phoebe's future power of becoming an empath and not being able to control the fact she can hear/feel other's thoughts/desires.

Alrighty, that's what I'm talking about (I feel better)

Come back next Monday and see what kind of situation I've gotten myself into and whom I've turned to for advice.

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