Saturday, June 2, 2012

June 2 2012

By now my Spudguns, you've all heard me talking about my movie challenge.
1 year with 1 movie a day.   Which you can follow here 

Hold your crickets, I'm getting to the damned point.

So I'm keeping track of all the movies I've been watching, and today marks Day 177.   And I am sitting here this morning and it's not even 9:30 am yet, with a half bag of popcorn.

I stopped and looked at the damned thing. Microwave bag, greasy and spilling out on my mother's sofa. I am starting to wonder how much of this stuff I've consumed since starting the movie challenge?

I haven't been keeping track. But I can tell you this, since breaking my leg and being here at my mother's while I heal, I've had at lest 1 bag of popcorn a day.
It's been 14 weeks since I broke my kneecap. So minus the week I was in hospital, I've been stuck on my mother's sofa for 13 weeks.
13 x  7 = 91

So I know I've had at lest 91 bags of popcorn.   That's not even counting the first three months of the movie challenge.  When this year is over I have a feeling I'm not going to want to see a piece of popcorn again for a long time.

And speaking of my knee... I'm on a wait list.  This means that literally any time in the next month I'll get a call one night telling me to come in the next day for the second surgery. 
I know I posted about this on the other blog and I think on here few days ago, but I'm lazy and don't want to check so here goes again... I've been given the okay by the doctor to have the wires removed from my knee in the next few weeks.  Not date set yet as I have to wait for the surgeon to have some space, but it will be in a few weeks.  Suppose to be like a day surgery.
So I'm that much closer to getting home.