Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Wed May 30th

What's up what's up?

The movie challenge is just toasty, you can catch up with that blog on that blog

I've been talking about my knee and all that over on my year long project. But in case you missed it, or don't follow that blog,  I'm doing better.  Able to bend it now to a 90degree point. That is a safe zone according to my therapist.  Means that I should have full I range of motion at some point.  Anything less and it would have been considered stuck in a straight position.

I go back in tomorrow to the doctor's for x-rays and an update.  No idea right now when they will be doing my second surgery to remove the wires.  The topic has been brought up a few times but the x-rays show it's just not time yet.

Okay, now my TNA Spudguns; you've noticed that in the last month I've gone back to doing wrestling reviews.
As of last night, I'm not sure I want to continue.
My whole internet persona when it comes to wrestling, has been based on a few things, and one of those has been who I like in the industry. With certain people having moved on from TNA, I'm not sure my attention is needed there anymore.