Thursday, June 21, 2012

Random Thrusday night

Referrer spam.   Dude, I hate it.
I was just checking my movie challenge blog, as I had a ton of new hits in the last few hours to it, and was wondering what movie or movie star people were interested in that I've talked about.   Ends up, all the hits were from the same tiny link.   Bastards.

So, for anyone who's been wondering where my TNA reviews have gone, I haven't done them because I haven't seen the last few weeks of episodes.    I know, odd right?  I haven't missed an episode since it started on Spike in 2005.  That is until the last two weeks... hold up, tonight makes three weeks.

Speaking of weeks,  tomorrow marks the 17 week mark since I shattered my kneecap. 

Tomorrow is also the cinema release of the vampire film, Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter.   Dude, I was so looking forward to this movie, was planning back few months ago; before my knee, to incorporated it with book club.   Well, that's all been for not.   Totally had to cancel all that.  Cancelled book club completely back when I messed up my leg. 

And I'm still on crutches!   Well, one crutch and working my way down to a cane. But it's such a slow go.  Half the time my physio therapist just shakes his head at me and mumbles about how he doesn't know what else to do with me.

Well, that's the view from the sofa tonight.