Saturday, June 23, 2012

My spidey sense is tingling

Saturday night.
My movie de jour was Spider-Man.  You'll need to go read that blog to see what I had to say about that film.
And if you're following the blog for the movie challenge, then you will see a comic/action hero theme happening for the next few posts. Starting with yesterday's actually.

I have a theory, that it's bunnies!  or you know, that whomever over at the Spike site are purposely not posting the episodes of TNA Impact until way way late just so that I can not do proper reviews.
Maybe they're doing that late posting in a bunny suit?   Dude, seriously.
Okay, maybe not in a bunny suit... but then again it is wrestling we're talking about.

The bunny reference is from Buffy the Vampire Slayer from the episode "Once More With Feeling"
and no, I still haven't caught up with the last few weeks of Impact.  But I will, soon.

Little bummed out that I missed my big vampire movie this weekend.  Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter   came out last night.  Totally crazed that I am going to have to wait another three or four months before it's released on DVD.  But given the fact I still am having issues walking, and getting in and out of cars... well there was just no point in torturing myself over the idea of even trying to get to the cinema to see it.
Don't even want to think about the failure that is book club in regards to the book.  I've already had my pity party over that mess.

To quote the Lost Boys... "vampires my friend, vampires"

That's the view from my sofa tonight.