Saturday, May 12, 2012

My Thoughts on TNA Impact for the week of May 10th 2012

I used screen capture for this post

We opened with Robert Roode coming to the ring. He talked about being the longest champion in the company with the title belt.   Nice!  Let's hope he actually makes it to that anniversary.
Then RVD and Anderson and Hardy came out to slug and plug on him.  Then Hogan came out and said that now we would have a four way match for the main event.

Cut to-  Bully Ray backstage talking about Austin Aries.

Cut to- KnockOut match.  Velvet Sky vs Miss Tessmocker.   Tessmocker won then Gail Kim came out and slammed her.

Cut to- a promo by James Storm talking about his loss last month at the ppv

Cut to- A.J. Styles being asked about the big secret.  He said nothing.  Then to Hardy backstage talking about how he's going to end the run of Roode. 

Cut to- Crimson vs Matt Morgan.  But Bully Ray came out and threw a chain at Morgan before he could get into the ring. Then Crimson took the mic and talked about how Morgan has not beat him in a match before and demanded the ref give a ten count on Morgan.

Cut to- RVD doing a promo about how reckless he was growing up.

Cut to- X Division title match.  Austin Aries vs Zema Ion.  Aries won with his trademark brainbuster keeping his title.

Cut to- Kaz and Daniels backstage talking about the secret they have over Styles

Cut to- RVD... again

Cut to- the ring where Daniels and Kaz are standing with the "secret".  Styles then came out to challenge them about it.  Seems, he's having an affair...

Cut to- Television title match.  Robbie E vs Devon. Devon won keeping the title.

Cut to- a flashback from last month when James Storm talked after his loss at the ppv. Then to a video package about how he's not sure he's ready to come back yet.

Cut to- "Abyss's brother"  going to the ring... then to Devon challenging both Robbie E and Robbie T... in the ring with Abyss's brother and he said he's going to be at the ppv Sunday night.  Then Bully Ray came out and threatened him.  Typical. 

Cut to- Anderson in the back talking about his 4 way match next. And then a backstage chat with Kurt Angle about the ppv...

Cut to- the main event. RVD vs Hardy vs Roode vs Anderson.  RVD got the win and gets to choose the stipulation at the ppv, which will be a ladder match.  And then Abyss returned for a second right after the match ended... huh...

And the match of the night... I really didn't feel there was one.  The X-Division match was spiffy, but it just didn't grab me like it normally does... I think it was the Zema Ion factor...