Wednesday, May 9, 2012

my thoughts on TNA Impact for the week of May 3rd 2012

I used screen capture for this post

Highlights-   Yes, highlights and not a full on review because 1) the Spike site was so late in the week posting it, and 2) my computer died. I'm still getting used to the new laptop which is a PC and not a Mac... bear with me.

We opened with Ric Flair in the ring talking about Hogan.  snore.
Hogan came out to reply.  

cut to- KnockOuts match... tag match Gail Kim/Madison Rayne vs Tessmocker/Velvet Sky.  Tessmocker got the win.

cut to- RVD was in the ring talking about himself.  snore double snore.  Thank god Robert Roode came out to reply.

cut to- Television Title... Devon vs Robbie T.... well, it was thrown out when Robbie E got in and hit Devon with the clipboard... Devon won by DQ and kept the title.

cut to-  the three judges for Gut Check, as they looked at the tape from the week before and discuss the rookie.

cut to- backstage with Mr. Anderson and Hogan

cut to- Hardy vs RVD.  RVD got the win

cut to-  backstage, Bully Ray and Abyss's brother... dude can we say split personality?

cut to- JB talking backstage about his feelings on the whole Eric Bishoff issue, then Bully Ray came up to him to make comments. Bully Ray then pushed JB to the ring. And Austin Aries came out to face him.

cut to- the locker room, with Kaz, Daniels and Angle talking about having to take their opportunities. Then Robert Roode made his comments about how he feels about everything right now.
cut to- tag match,  Kaz/Daniels/Angle  vs  Samoa Joe/Magnus/A.J. Styles.   Styles got his trademark StylesClash on Kaz for the win.

cut to-the results of the first Gut Check from last week... Alex Silva will be the newest TNA talent. 

cut to- main event... Roode vs Anderson.  Hardy came to the ring and interrupted the match but it was a no DQ.   Roode ended up getting the pin for the win.