Saturday, February 4, 2012

Um that's not..

Computer issues

I suppose it's time for a new thing-a-ma-gigger for the wireless.  It keeps crapping out and kicking me off my own network and onto the neighbour's.  The dude at Tbaytel who is suppose to be all keeper of the support help knowledge, told me on their end everything was listed as fine. And that it must be the transmitter
Um, hello, you did not take my name or account number how on earth can you know if it's all fine???

I just think he didn't want to have to deal with any real time consuming issue... but okay things got unplugged and replugged and seems to be okay now.   And yes, this happened just a few weeks ago too. Right after the new neighbours moved in and installed their internet.  Christ man, everytime someone installs their cable or phone or internet it seems to knock mine to the mat.

And the real kicker is, when you call about internet issues, the voice recording tells you to go to the Tbaytel website for information about any construction or service disruptions in your area.