Friday, February 3, 2012

More winter Early spring

Seems the groundhogs yesterday were all a mixed bag.  Some of the fuzzy beasts saw their shadow some did not.  Well, what the hell do you expect, given they were all over the planet.  Different places at different times will have shadows and other will not. 
I ask why do we gauge the seasons by a rodent?

Anyways, yesterday was Imbolic.  A real holiday. 

The movie challenge is taking up more time then I was thinking it would. Am 9 weeks into the challenge and finally finding my footing with it. 
Now if I could only find my footing with my feet.  This past year has been one leg/foot injury after another for me.  I somehow managed to get a few strained muscles in my right ankle.  So you know, winter couldn't end soon enough for me.

I stopped off at the record store yesterday... we've already covered why I still call it a record store... to find out about the DVD release for The Rum Diary, and the one guy when he spotted me hobbling towards the desk just pointed to the poster for Twilight 4 then poof he was off to the back room before I got half my sentence out. 
My fault I suppose, I asked "When is the release for..."
But I left, came back a few minutes later when someone else was working and actually got my answer.  See smart right? Right.

So Twilight is getting that much traffic the employees at HMV don't even want to deal with people.  This is the part where I make a quizzical face and nod.