Monday, December 4, 2017

What Would The Ghouls Do?

Divination. There are countless ways to go about using it to answer the questions we find ourselves facing. From tarots, to runes, to astrology etc. Bibliomancy is one of my favourites. That's where you take a book and randomly flip to a page, and interpret the first line/sentence you see.  Whether you've done this or not, I'm sure you've had moments when you have found yourself with a question/situation and suddenly a song will play that seems to fit, or you turn the television on, and there is a show that seems to. Sometimes you find the answer as if by magick, other times, you end up looking at the problem from a different point of view, finding the solution.

Let's call that Moviemancy. And that's what this is. WWTGD? is all about looking at a situation from a new point of view, using movies/tv shows.

Obviously, I'm taking a slightly more of a "nice light snack" approach to this new segment. Most of the questions will be more on the silly side.
That's one of the reasons I wanted to do this; I feel I've let myself become too serious in the last few years. You do absorb the personalities of those around you, and everyone in my life currently, are very serious people.

Situation: I'm at a crossroads, feeling lost and confused. What should I do?

Ghoul Asked for Advice: Lily and Marilyn Munster

Movie Used: The Munsters (season 2 episode 68)  "Herman the Tire Kicker" (aired March 31st 1966)

plot: Lily and Herman decide to buy Marilyn a car. Herman goes to a used car lot, and gets conned into buying a bad car. When they try to take it back, the salesman is gone, and they learn the car was stolen. Herman gets lost driving home, and then arrested for having the stolen vehicle. Lily has to bail him out of jail, while there, they see the car salesman who confesses that he stole it.

Episode quotes: "You have a knack for going to a place just when there is a lull in business" -Lily to Herman

"I don't think even you would buy a car without a motor in it." -Lily to Herman

"It's this waiting around that's so terrible"- Lily to Grandpa and Marilyn

"Grandpa, you know Herman is a kind trusting soul, with a great faith in his fellow human being" -Lily to Grandpa

"Stuck you! Herman, you've been shish-kabobbed!" -Lily to Herman

"Well, it runs"  -Marilyn to Herman

"Don't feel bad, you tried" -Marilyn to Herman

Favourite Scene: When they are sitting around the kitchen table and Lily comments about making the family pancakes and having saved money while buying towels and sheets at the January Black Sales.

Using the quote: "It's this waiting around that's so terrible"     and   "Don't feel bad, you tried"

My interpretation: A crossroads happens for a reason. Either you've come to the end of a cycle, and need to choose to continue, or move on to the next phase. Crossroads are all about decisions, choices and being ready to take that next step. That feeling of being lost, usually comes attached to knowing what the right choice is but not wanting to commit to it out of fear. But you've got to take that leap of faith. Worst that can happen is you make a mistake and try again.
If you find yourself literally lost, stop and take stock of the few things that led you to that position. Guarantee; you will find it happened for a reason. Usually, to get you to notice something in a new way as we all get a little tunnel vision sometimes. Tunnel vision, or not seeing the forest for the trees, is what keeps us moving in circles feeling frustrated and well; lost.

In this episode, Herman literally gets himself lost driving home, and when the police arrest him, not only does he learn about the car being stolen, he's no longer physically lost as they guide him where he's suppose to be. In this case, jail. While there, he meets up with the con man and has an effect on the guy, which changes the life of the conman.  Herman getting lost puts him on the right path to being where he's suppose to be at the right time.

Alrighty, that's what I'm talking about. (I feel better)

Come back next Monday, and see what kind of a situation I've gotten myself into, and whom I turned to for advice.  As this is part of my 365 Days of Hallowe'en, I'll be doing (attempting) this every week till Hallowe'en 2018. You can follow the rest of the Hallowe'en fun on my facebook page (uh here-ish)