Monday, November 27, 2017

Nov 27th 2017

Spudguns! How's it happening? Spiffy, spiffy.   I just thought I'd come in for a moment and yammer. Been so long since I just did a random yammer at you type post.

Righty-ho, righty-ho.  If you haven't swung by my spiffy facebook page yet; you might not know that I've started doing a quiz and a quote each week on there. (here)  That will be once a week for each on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

I've got a new segment for this bloggy-blog coming up next week, so stay tuned for that. I'm doing my best to schedule things so that every week I have something between here, my movie blog and facebook page.  Well, let's face puns intended...the facebook page will be ground zero for this project. 
It should be fun. I mean, man really, who wants to miss the photographric adventures of an inanimate object?  Have I mentioned, I could really use a sidekick on this one...just saying.

While I'm here, should mention that there is the final Mercury retrograde for this year coming up from Dec 3rd 2017-Dec 22nd 2017; and we're still under the influence of the Uranus retrograde until Jan 2nd 2018.

Honestly dude, I'm already feeling the push and pull of that Mercury retrograde, and it's still a few days away.

And on that note....338 days till Hallowe'en 2018