Wednesday, July 29, 2015

July 29th 2015

I've just returned to using facebook after 5 years of if you are in the Thunder Bay area and would like to book a tarot reading with me, you can do so either through my profile (on the sidebar here) or by the Bliss Cafe Thunder Bay page. 
The readings at the Bliss Cafe are normally on Friday afternoons.  But I don't limit my bookings to just that.  Which is why I have returned to using facebook myself, to make it easier for people to book outside of Bliss Cafe if they find Fridays are not good for them.

Shameless promotion out of the way...

We have a second Full Moon this weekend. Which makes it a Blue Moon. I think I mentioned it the other week on's significant on a few levels. One being that this weekend is Lammas, and because it changes the order of the way the season's moons are counted. (yeah I still don't understand that part myself. New Moon then Full Moon turns to Full Moon then New Moon. Or something)