Monday, July 27, 2015

July 27th 2015 Ugh!

So I had a nasty computer virus, and have been without a computer for the last 4 days.  It's amazing how much housework you can get finished when you don't have the computer to distract you.  Though, went a bit stir crazy for the first few hours. Kept automatically walking into the area of the apartment that I've been using for my computer zone, automatically putting my coffee down and then have to snap out of autopilot cause, the desk was empty. Right, and since I do not have internet on my phone;  I spent half my time calling my mother asking her to look stuff up. Not the slickest moments of my weekend.

I did manage to get a sewing project half way completed. So that's bonus. Only problem now, there are way too many emails to stiff through.

And of course, it had to happen on a weekend when the temps were +29C with +39C humidex, so it was a staying indoors sort of weekend. Not that I take my pale self outside too often anyways.
We're sitting currently at +30C with a +40C...melting would be the catch phrase of the day.

Okay, just really wanted to post something after having been without a computer...