Monday, November 4, 2013

Nov 4th 2013

A date, not one of my cute titles. Just today's date. Which means, it's been a month since I last checked in on this here bloggy blog.
I've been hanging out all the time on my movie blog. Working on the serial. Nothing fancy.

Wrestling... clearly not happy with the Shield loosing their belts in WWE.   
And been catching up with TNA in the last while. I still haven't seen last week's episode, but otherwise, good to see Sabin and Styles both with belts. Like I said, haven't seen last week's episode so the last episode I saw from two weeks ago they had belts.

Mercury has gone direct, but Jupiter just went retro.  To be honest, I am too lazy to research how that will effect stuff.

The Hallowe'en season is officially over. Makes me sad. My favourite time of the year. Which means, we are heading into a new year. Depending on what you follow, your new year might have started already, as that is what Samhain is pretty much. The Celtic/Wiccan new year. 
With that said, what do I think I might have learned this past year?  Not to make too many big plans. Every time I would get into a project this year, it fell flat. From my all vampire year project to a few crafting things to other mundane ideas, nothing really panned out for me this year.
Even my blogging hasn't been what it used to be. It totally got away from me. Days, weeks er...even a few times this past year where a full month went by without me blogging.  Honestly, don't know if that means I'm learning to be pickier on what I talk about or if it just means I had other areas to outlet?  Both maybe?

Okay my lovely Spudguns! that's enough blabbing for one rainy cold afternoon.