Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Wrestlers and hair

So, was watching this week's Raw, and I have to once again make the comment, what the hell is it with the wrestling industry and long hair on men?  I would love nothing more then to see Aaron Neville vs Bo Dallas in a hair vs hair match. Either way, it would be a win whomever had to take a foot off their do.
And would it kill Stephanie McMahon to have an updo just once? A bun, or a twist, or even a ponytail? 

And with that said... morning my Spudguns!

We are heading into the last mercury retro for the year, sometime this month.  The planet mercury turns retrograde three times a year, causing all sorts of havoc with computers, travel, messages and communications in general.

New season of tv this week.  So far, I'm loving Sleepy Hollow, Dads and Blacklist.

I'm not a fan of sitcoms. Really can't stand them. Which is why, last year when I was stuck on my mother's sofa with my knee injury, and ended up having the show The Big Bang Theory, sort of stuffed down my throat;  I shocked myself by liking it.  Totally addicted to it.
I'm finding the new show Dads, to have a similar addiction.  There might be hope for sitcoms yet, well as far as I'm concerned.
My thing is sci-fi/drama.  Really looking forward to the premiere of Dracula later in the month, and the remake of Ironside, which starts tonight.

Okay, that's my view this morning from the bottom of my coffee cup.