Tuesday, April 14, 2020

11:36 am Tuesday

Spudguns!,  as I zombie walk to the kitchen in order to make a cup of coffee, I do what I find myself doing every morning now. Turning on the news channel to listen to the Prime Minister's daily updates.   Is it weird that I find the Prime Minister's voice soothing?  Prime Minister Trudeau just has one of those voices that is calming. He could teach a lot of doctor's how to talk to the public. I mean, seriously, if at any time in my life he'd come into the emergency room and told me how bad my situation was right before a surgery, that bad news blow wouldn't have been so difficult to hear. There's just a dignity he has when he addresses the public.

Totally shifting gears and topics now.  I've been stuck in a crazy tarot cycle again. This time we're talking about the 8 of Cups. A card about walking away, of ending one phase and preparing to start another. This could be referring to the general situation that is happening but, I'm thinking it's a little more streamlined than that. I'm thinking it's a little more streamlined because it more often than not, is popping up along with the 2 of Wands. So someone has decided to walk away from something.

I think I need to pull myself away from the youtube for awhile. Besides the amount of whining youtubers seem to be doing right now in regards to being indoors, I'm feeling off kilter. To address the first part, I really want to  say to some of them to chill. To point out that there is a large chunk of the world's population that are housebound at the best of times. For some of us, having to stay in the house for a few weeks at a time is the norm. And to address the second part of my statement, I've been reevaluating my projects. They're not making me as happy as they used to. Okay, granted, some are just on hold because of the world being on general hold. Can't finish things if the stores/cinemas are closed. That's just the common sense of it.

But this is the beginning of my Hallowe'en season. Yeah. I start working on certain elements of the spookiness in order for them to be ready by late September. Sometimes that works out fabulously, others not so much.  This is one of those not so much times. And it's these projects, the ones I can actually control that are having me feeling less than fresh.  And I know I 've talked about this more than I should admit to in the last few years, but when I started this blog back a decade ago, I had full intentions of it being Hallowe'en themed/horror/goth themed projects. Well, you can see how well that worked out for me eh?  And now there is a whole sub-genre out there in the darkness of the foggy night who do the gothic gloomy roomy. Some of them do it with more talent and skill, some with a bigger budget and still others just ...well let's just say if they had the same amount of fans as me I could outshine them.

As we all currently deal with a major Tower and Hangedman tarot situation, I wonder what bridges will be left to cross?  Okay, I've rambled a bit long today so I'll just end it here for now...and maybe do the dishes.