Friday, March 27, 2020

Bottom shelf emptiness

Spudguns!, I don't know about you, but I am so confused right now. Emotionally, I have been going in circles for the last while. There are things I want to say but not sure it's a good idea. Fears bubbling to the surface and screaming in my ear causing me to want to vomit. The panic attacks have nothing to do with the world outside, but everything to do with how I've been feeling emotionally, creatively.

What a harsh way to start off a blog post. Sorry about that.

Let;s try again.  Spudguns!, I love you!  I worship the ground you walk on and I worship your shadow.

But in all seriousness, 2020 has been like an emotional roller coaster so far for me. Little things that have chipped away at my nerves and reserve. And this was before the isolation and world panic.  Raise your hand if you spent more than two days trying to hunt down some toilet paper.

The lesser of the mindmelting issues, was a stack of tarot readings.  Okay, I have to admit, I'm addicted to those youtube pick a card readings. What happened was, I had put a question out to the universe and asked for a sign on it. Within minutes, I got one. I turned on youtube and there at the front of the recommendations was one of those readings.  I watched and it just fit like a glove what the random reader was saying. I saw five more within the next 48 hours all saying the same thing. So, yeah I took that as a sign. I then had someone actually do a reading for me here. And they told me pretty much the same thing. Then I started to hear songs that sort of fit into the mix. Alright, I get it, this is the situation and here is the sign. Right.

Okay, how to deal with that information?  I know myself from doing readings for other people, that when a message comes up repeatedly for someone, it's because they still haven't dealt with the issue. My problem is, I can't. It's not up to me, it's up to my secret admirer. And at lest two of those readings, one of the random youtube pick a card and my personal in person reading; got pretty detailed about the guy.

I did however, do the only thing I could do. I posted on my facebook page a tarot card and a song title a few days ago. I was doing my normal daily tarot card pull, when I the song popped in my head. The ironic thing about it was, when I went to turn on the music station that song was on. Creepy right. Well, the universe was smashing me with a big whammy that morning.

Look, dude, this message I have been getting for over a month now, is going to keep popping up in my readings until the situation is dealt with. Just one tiny something from you. Be it  a conversation,  or something. A like on the tarot post, or ....I don't know? Go sing the song in karaoke or something. Just acknowledge the damned message on your part for now.

And with that out of the way, I just want to say I hope all my lovely Spudguns! are keeping safe during this crazy world panic. That specially goes for you wrestlers who used to fill my blogging posts with love, rants and teasing. Just because I don't watch the shows anymore or write about you too often anymore doesn't mean I don't still hope you're all safe.

Till later kiss kiss noise