Monday, December 21, 2015

Trick or Tree

I mentioned earlier in the month about the Hallowe'en tree. Well, my lovely little Spudguns! here it is. In all it's horror. And I mean that in the sense that I have no business trying to decorate anything.
Just one of those cheap little foot and a half things, bought at the dollar store. 
For someone who collects a lot of dren to do with Hallowe'en and vampires, I actually didn't have enough items to do the tree. I ended up having to raid my scrapbooking kits for some do dads and ribbon.
The fangs and spider web are glow in the dark, and the tree topper...which was the hardest to figure out, is a broach.
I actually tried to "make" some ornaments by printing out a couple of shots of the Addams Family and Dracula and gluing them onto some wooden bat cut outs. Only, they didn't work out as well as planned, so I only did two.

And now I know why my family would wait to do the tree when I was asleep or at school; I am missing the Martha Stewart gene. 

So here's my promise to myself...collect better dren so that come October, you can do a better tree for Hallowe'en/the holidays.