Sunday, December 14, 2014

That's funny

You know your life is messed up when you can't find something you know you had yesterday.
I was looking for a recipe, knew it was in a particular cookbook, but could I find what I did with the book? No of course not. Spent half the morning going in circles on the book shelves looking and finally, found the damned thing under a pile of dvds. I know right.
Then, found the recipe and no use anyways, because I don't have half the ingredients in the kitchen and by that time I was not in the mood to track myself out to the store. for supper tonight.

And then, I was thinking about this one vampire movie that I haven't seen in years, but know I have somewhere in my collection on vhs. Was thinking I should see about if it's available on dvd or something. Could not for the life of me remember the name of the movie. Knew it was still in a box somewhere packed. Spent a half hour hunting through three boxes of old vhs tapes, did not find it, took one look at the other twenty boxes it could be in and just gave up. Not in the mood to be going through old dusty things for a vhs tape that may or may not work in my ancient vhs player.
I remembered then, that I had done a list few years ago on an old website of all the vampire movies I had seen to that point. Pretty damn sad, I had to go to my own site that I haven't updated in about four years and hunt through an old list. Found the name of the movie finally!

Reign of Darkness from 2002.

Then I was thinking, damn, last movie on this list I did was Twilight. That was like what, five six years ago...something like that.

What a way to waste a day eh? At lest the ppv is in a few hours.

Creeping Screams!