Sunday, October 19, 2014

October 2014

Okay, first off, those who sometimes follow my twitter...sorry for the mess. It looks like I was hacked which makes sense why I was suddenly last month getting weird messages from there.

What have I been up to?  Not much. Moved over the summer, slowly trying to read the Night Watch series of books, still mid-way through the first...there are five.  Been writing about werewolves, and trying to learn how to make quiche vegan...failing at that I must say.

Hallowe'en, just down the corner. But before week's ppv Hell in the Cell...I'm still undecided on if I'm going to get it.

Seen the new Dracula movie, Dracula Untold.  I went from hating it to loving it in about two hours, after I left the cinema. Don't ask, can't explain.

The biggest news of course, if you're a vampire fan like I am, is that Anne Rice has a new vampire book coming out this month.  Prince Lestat.   Now that's something to talk about.