Sunday, April 14, 2013

Well, that's stupid

So I was chugging along, talking to a few people on GetGlue about random crap, and someone was talking about how wrestler Edge was cornered by TMZ and asked about dogs in pantyhose?

What? Really? Why?

I'm shaking my head at that one. Pointless very pointless, both asking about it and the fact people are doing that.
I mean man, I've made a name for myself by asking wrestlers stupid questions, but it's about wrestling. Like how does Chris Sabin get that hang time on his hesitation drop kick? or who picks the theme music the wrestlers come out to? or who designs their t-shirts, or you know how much beer does the Cowboy James Storm really drink per episode?  You know, proper stuff. But wrestling related just the same.

Makes you wonder what this world is really coming to?